Somebody Save me: Remembering Smallville!

When I was a kid, Superman was the first superhero that I’ve ever heard of. Most of the time (like your parents) people might tell you (as a kid) to dream big and fly like Superman does, don’t they?! Anyway, I am not really a big fan of Superman, but I need to write something about a show that is related to this famous D.C. character. A show that really hooked me up and made me realize how good and powerful Clark Kent (the alter-ego of Supermanis as a teenage boy.
I am a huge fan of this show that I am still watching it, though it has been over for almost a decade now. I need to write down something about this show to pay tribute and thank this show that started it all. Yeah!, all these superheroes fandoms and the series was (I believed) pioneered by this show.

Guess, you guys already know that I am talking about the hit TV series called, (ehem) Smallville. Yeah, it is Smallville.

I first saw the sneak peak or trailer (which ever you might want to call it) of Smallville being advertised in a local channel called Studio 23 which is airing in ManilaPH. The advertisement was aired in the 2nd quarter of 2002 (as far as I can remember) almost a year later since the series was originally aired in the U.S., October of 2001. Seeing the sneak peak or trailer (which ever you might want to call it) for the first is not really impressive to the point that I am not about to watch it but, it was this girl character that had me and my brother. We both agreed how beautiful Kristin (Kreuk) is and how he made Clark Kent fall while carrying a skateboard going to school. That part of the sneak peak or trailer (which ever you might want to call it) is what made us watch it. As far as I can remember, the series is being shown on Tuesday night 8:00PM PST. Since it’s a free TV channel, yes there’s  lots of commercials!
So seeing the first episode of it is like, a kid being amused with Magic. The Pilot episode is a blast that you don’t want to get out  of your seat though, you felt like your pee is going to explode since you really don’t want to miss a single scene, but as I’ve mentioned free TV does have a lot of commercials so I was able to manage peeing (time). I still can remember the excitement and how me and brothers are so amazed with the pilot episode. It was a blast, was really a blast!.

The pilot episode has (almost) an hour running time. I must say that I never wasted any of my minutes watching the pilot episode, you know why?, simply because, it’s complete. The pilot has Action, Drama, Thriller,  Comedy—Yeah!, all rolled into one pilot episode that would make you want to see more of the series.

That scene where Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is about to approach Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk) is such a teeny bopper. This scene reminds me of how you used to be hooked with those teenage movies that captivates me such as A walk to remember, Freaky Friday, Chasing Liberty, etc. Yeah—Smallville’s airing year was almost the start of the feel good setting (era) of movies and series that time. It reminds me a lot of my teenage days. Which people with my same age is missing (Do they?!).

Since the show is covering the story of a teenage Clark Kent, there are a lot of scenes that will make you fall in love all over again and would make you feel as if you are a student of Smallville High. The never ending saga of Clark and Lana love story will sweep you off your feet as the young Clark Kent will be hated on the part of being so afraid of telling Lana how he truly feels while “best friend” Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack) is always willing to go on a rebound. Can’t forget this tearjerker scene (The scene is on Season 2 Episode 16) where Chloe Sullivan gave up and read a letter in front of a sick and dying, Clark Kent while he was sleeping, thinking that she might not be able to say her feelings to Clark. It was a heartbreaking scene that will leave you teary eyed. Man, that must be tough (can’t believe I am saying’ this).

If you are going to compare this show to a thing, it will be a crayon that has a lot of colors. I love how this show maintained its wholesomeness, and though it is a superhero series, the family values are being maintained as well, which make the series different compared to other superhero series currently aired.

“Trust me Clark, our friendship is going to be the stuff of a legend”, the line that Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) left Clark while looking at the sunset that seems a bit of a double meaning since you are going to wonder if it is going to be the stuff of a legend as friends or Nemisis? I have quoted that line from Season 1 Episode 11 since Smallville is also knownbecause of their phrases and lines that will make you think, “where these writers got all of those?”.

Another line from Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) that blew me away is this line from Season 6-Episode 3 while having an intimate mood with Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk).  “Happiness is just a feeling of euphoria. It’s your brain chemistry going into overdrive. That’s why so many relationships fail when the honeymoon ends and reality sets in.”  After hearing that line, it made me realize how scientific and philosophical Lex’s mind is. Sadly, that line also applied to Lex’s marriage life with Lana (Major Spoiler for those who haven’t seen the series yet).The whole Lex and Lana affair was highlighted in Season 6, the last episode of the season is also the end of the Lex and Lana marriage.

The camaraderie of Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) and Clark’s friendship is a real representation of how true friendship should be. Most of the scene with Clark and Pete is a Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn situation as Pete kept on supporting Clark and pushing him through with everything Clark wanted to be especially his passion in joining the athletic team. When Clark gave up on Pete showing his super powers, that’s where the real brotherhood sets in. Pete kept on protecting Clark’s secret all along until Lionel Luthor (John Glover) blackmailed him threatening him to have his mom, unemployed if Pete didn’t tell Lionel the real identity of Clark Kent. This made Pete and his mom move to Wichita for good to avoid further trouble in being involved in Clark’s secret identity. The part where Pete and Clark is saying goodbye to each other is a mush, not because of them being apart, but because of a main character that gave life to the show leaving for good. Though Chloe (Allison Mack) replaces the best friend status in the later part of the series, Pete will always be the first best friend to act as a vault in keeping the Clark Kent’s secret identity.


Just like all other series, there are also episodes of Smallville that is a bit off or somewhat like a filler for me. I don’t like the episode where  LanaChloe and Lois (Erica Durance) became witches in Season 4, Episode 8. I almost skip that episode due to boredom. I was like “how come Clark Kent is fighting witches?” ha-ha!, but still I was able to finish the entire episode since I would like to know if there will be a twist in the end (which Smallville always does) but sadly, it’s an ordinary filler episode. I also hated it when Lana became part of this sorority vampire club in Season 5, Episode 5. Again, I was like wondering “why did the director would do such an episode like that?”, yeah, the episode might highlight on Lana leaving Clark to study at Met-up but still the “vampire” thing is a bit off for me (just sayin’).

Oh, and also, this Season 4, Episode 8 called “Spell” is a bit “should not be added” episode for me.

I also learned a lot of family values watching Smallville that I currently applied to myself being a father especially the lessons that Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) taught Clark. I love the bond that Clark and Jonathan have. Clark can say everything to his father as well as her feeling about Lana, which I want me and my son to apply when he grew up. Opening topics about crushes and puppy love is oh, so awkward especially for teens– that’s why the father and son relationship that Clark and Jonathan have is a must.

Martha Kent (Anette O’Toole) is also a model of a strong mother. It broke my heart a lot watching episodes of Smallville after Jonathan died. I know in a long run people will get used to of not seeing Jonathan on Kent farm, but, those first few episodes without Jonathan saddened me. The part where Jonathan used to pile up those haystacks will make you miss the character and will make you think “Ah, Clark’s dad should be doing that”. Yeah, that’s really what I felt seeing the first few episodes without Jonathan Kent. In a long run the character of Lionel Luthor almost took over Jonathan as Clark’s guidance, but nevertheless the mother figure of Martha became much stronger dealing with protecting Clark’s secret as well as dealing with Lionel’s partnership with Martha’s political advocacies.

Okay, enough of those sappy  flashbacks. As I have mentioned earlier, Smallville is the pioneer of superhero comic book based series. I remember WB doing another DC based series called Birds of Prey Wayback 2002 sadly, the series lasted only for one season. Birds of prey was not able to reach the ratings that Smallville has, since its pilot airing, probable reason why the TV series didn’t last. Okay, so going back! Smallville started it all, I remember people on the internet having a forum and asking what comic book based series will emerge after Smallville?, yeah fans started being geeky watching Smallville for ten years.  When Smallville ended there are a lot of spin off request from fans like, they want Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) or Bart Allen(The Impulse) to have their own series. Fans who grew up watching Smallville is filling the needs of seeing more of a “Smallville like series”.  
The hype started on Season 6 Episode 11 when Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) collaborated with Aquaman (Alan Michael Ritchson), The Impulse (Kyle Gallner) and Cyborg (Lee Thompson Young) to take down Lex’s 33.1 facility, a facility which experiment/study metahuman to use it for war or making it a universal soldier (well as per Lex’s subliminal reasoning).

Watching that said episode is full of excitement, especially Clark not knowing what the deal is. It is exciting to the point that you don’t want to go out your seat watching it, I can say that this iconic episode started it all.  I remember an article on the net way back that Marvel Studios is following the trend of Smallville by starting it with the Daredevil movie, then Spiderman. I mean, yeah, that make sense because today, Marvel already has the Avengers being assembled the whole idea must have come to Smallville. Okay, don’t get mad at me–this is just an opinion (my opinion). I am actually thinking as I am writing this that, there might still be some people out there that doesn’t know or haven’t watched Smallville yet so I guess I’m going to shut my mouth, my fingers or my mind (which ever you might want to mention) to stop being a major spoiler. If you would like to watch a series that has a lot of emotions to it, go ahead and see Smallville or let me end this blog by saying that, for those of you who haven’t seen Smallville yet, Please watch it!



The Moffatts Farewell Tour and A Trip Down Memory Lane.

My partner texted me last Thursday night(February 16,2017)telling me to buy a ticket for the farewell tour of one my favorite 90’s band, The Moffatts. I am thinking whether to go or not since the band came missing one member which is Dave Moffatt. I thought about it all night since this is really going to be an ultimate trip down memory lane for me since this band is one of the band that I am singing along with all the time way back High-School. The first album of the band called, Chapter One:A New Beginning is also the first ever album I bought out of my savings back then.

Finally, I made up my mind and decided to go to the concert. I hurriedly message my brother through  Facebook Messenger asking if The Moffatts concert tickets are still available.

My brother replied: “Go online, you might still get one since there are limited seats available!”

Since this is my first time buying ticket online for  a “Major Concert”, I am not really familiar on how to do it. I hurriedly message my brother once again asking how to do it, he got hot headed telling me to go to SM malls and find if there are still available tickets. So I surf the net using my cellphone searching, and luckily there’s an available ticketnet in that mall  as per Google.

3 o’clock in the afternoon after my shift ends(February 17,2017). I went to SM mall to ask if there’s still an available ticket for the said concert. Sadly, the attendant told me that they are not selling tickets for that concert but their other branch do, which is far from where I lived. See?! Google is not always a reliable source.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon of February 18,2017. I am a bit confused of what to do, I am so hopeless of having a ticket for the concert, suddenly, something hit me. I remember my colleague bought a VVIP ticket for the event. If you’re a VVIP ticket holder you need to go early for the sound check session access as well as the meet and greet session, so what I did was send him a message through Facebook Messenger and asked him a favor to please check if there are still tickets available at the event’s venue which is Smart Araneta Coliseum.

My colleague sent me a screen shot of the ticket information with message saying “Yeah, there are still available tickets!”

Luckily, tickets are still available but limited. After my shift, I go straight ahead to the venue to buy a ticket.The venue is already filled with 90’s peeps and fans waiting for the concert to start.

I was able to buy a ticket at the venue but the seat is not what I’ve expected. The ticket that I got is an Upper Box ticket type that is almost next to General Admission which is the farthest from the concert stage(sigh!).

It was 6:00 PM when the concert organizers announced that the gate is open and attendees can now fall in line for inspection. I am excited and nervous at the same time since I am picturing the whole event and what’s gonna happen inside my head.

Now me, being inside the coliseum is like, ah man am I gonna pee first or what?!..

I don’t really want to spoil my excitement so, since it’s too early and people are just starting to get in and fill the venue, I decided to take a selfie with the view of the crowd. Supposedly, I am with my brother but my brother is in the Patron seat which is so far from where I am sitting. His seat is the third row seat next to VIP section.

Since it’s my first time being inside the Smart Araneta Coliseum, I am appreciating the atmosphere of the venue like an ignoramus (hahaha!).

It is past 7 o’ clock and still waiting for the show to start. I’m getting tired of hearing the advertisement of the concert since I am so excited seeing the band hahaha!.

As much as I can remember it was half past eight when the front act country performer enter the stage which I am suspecting as Frank Moffatt(The Moffatt’s father) performing.


The front act guy is really cool and funny but still my mind is screaming for The Moffatts to show up hahaha!

It was around 9 o’clock when the light goes out and people started to scream their lungs out, my heart is pounding and my feet are stomping. Suddenly, 3 guys came across the stage and the crowd goes wild.

Wow! it was The Moffatts.

No introduction, No greetings!

The band came accross the stage and eventually played one of their song from their first album called Crazy.


This song reminds me on how this used to be a heavy rock song for me way back ’98 haha!

They eventually followed the song called I’ll be there their carrier single back in their first album Chapter 1: A New Beginning.

The atmosphere that night is such as cold as ice since the nostalgic trip down memory lane is taking me back to those times when I am still in High-School. It’s all coming back to me like a ghost haunting me. The chill burns me straight to the bone.

I am sorry if I am getting psychedelic about this. I just can’t explain how to share the feeling and how I really felt that night. Woooh!

Here are some highlights from the concert: (Video Credentials from iams queenyb)



The band also performed some of their own songs apart from The Moffatts.


Scott performed his solos and I have noticed that his music became an experimental techno music, but still a good music with a smooth lyrical, poetic genius style of a song. I have also noticed that he is much better creating an experimental music than how he is in doing Pop-Rocks(just sayin’).


Twins Bob and Clint also performed as their other band Endless Summer . If you are not really familiar with their new type of music, it’s called country music. I am not really a fan of country music, but Endless Summer’s blending of voice will make you feel relaxed and yearn for more.

They also made a rendition of the famous 90’s song called When you say nothing at all.


Well all I can say about that is, gosh! I appreciate that song much better now because of Endless Summer. Wooh!

Clint and Bob’s  blending of voice is oh! so mesmerizing as they also performed their old band Same, Same’s  hit called Love Isn’t.


As the band perform more of their earlier hits things from the past began to hit me. I was half-teary eyed remembering the good old days of my childhood or should I say my “Teenage” year. I remember some of those good old friends of mine wayback high-school whom I am singing with while holding pages of song magazine which has The Moffatts as the cover and feature of the magazine.

I remember me and my brothers listening all day long to Chapter 1:A new beginning, The first album. My and my brothers used to sleep late watching the late coverage of the band’s first Manila Concert being shown on some local TV station. While I was sitting, watching the entire concert that night, I can’t help myself from reminiscing a lot(gosh!), music really is a time machine.

The reminiscing part only stopped every time the band needs to stop to set up their instruments but still, the chill endures waiting and anticipation.

Now, here’s the performance that really got me teary…

The Moffatts once again played one of their earlier hits which is the song called Girl of My Dreams which I can tell that this is really an ultimate trip down memory lane song. The part of the song saying “Baby, let’s go back in time” … made me chill with sadness of missing my past. That song part itself describes how I felt that night while watching and hearing The Moffatts performed their earlier hits.

I really have to say, it’s okay being on the farthest part of the concert’s venue rather than not watching them at all!

Thank you so much Scott, Clint and Bob for making a big throwback that night.

It made think that, sometimes when life gets hard on you, all you need is a good music from your past to keep you moving and to remind you that hey! this isn’t you, you used to be a happy person with a happy and giddy-POP attitude.

Thank you so much The Moffatts!


The band performed I miss you like crazy as their exit song that night and they never fail to thank people by waving goodbye and sending some kisses all over.

People yelled, “More!” as the band goes down the stage, but I guess that’s a wrap for that night…

After the show, I grabbed my cellphone to make a status out on Facebook to express the emotional hypnotism that the concert brought me.

I was about to type something to my phone when a message hit me. The message is from my colleague Marky saying, would you like to have a poster with their authograph?.

I was like “yeah, of course!”. I’m happy that at least I was able to have that signed poster as a consolation of me not being able to buy a  VVIP or VIP ticket(unlike Marky).
What a wonderful concert!

Just like what other fans might think, I am hoping that there will be a repeat of this concert with Dave Moffatt. (Ehem!)


-Angee De Sierra







Monday Mundane

Monday is always a busy day and people is always afraid of reaching this day. If you live in Manila, traffic is everywhere especially in the morning.

Fuckin’ Rush Hour!


Woke up early to avoid being late going to the office, thank god there’s a bus just in time. My shift is at 6:00 AM I was able to make it early at around 5:20 AM, I get up at around 3:42 AM because I am fuckin’ expecting that fuckin’ traffic.

Done with:

Done with the first half of my shift. 

Enjoying lunch break with officemates Ralph and Gelo. Sitting doing nothing we are not talking to each other since we are all busy using smart phones, you know, the usual social media hypnotized our mind again.

See their faces being hypnotized? Hahaha!


Thinking on what to to after this shift since this is my last shift for this week!

Shit why do I have to have a weekday oh so boring rest days?!


The Nostalgic 90’s Pop-Rocks!


One of the biggest debate that I’ve ever read in social media is “ If you were born in the 90’s, are you still considered as a 90’s kid?”. Well this entry(blog) won’t be answering that question, this article will definitely take you in a trip down memory wormhole and will definitely give you a goosebumps(I’m hoping!).

I will be counting down top ten Pinoy ‘Pop-rock’ songs from the nineties that will make you feel like you wanna go back, songs that will make you miss the past, songs that will make you want to see your long lost old friend, songs that will eventually make you feel like you are not you then. This countdown won’t be mentioning ‘The Eraserheads’ though they are from the nineties, I guess what I’m trying to say is that we need to at least explore other artists since we been reading a lot about them(though I’m a fan!). Stay Calm.

Read, Watch and Listen!





Song: Will I Survive

Artist: Introvoys

Album: Line to Heaven

This song is an oh so melodramatic type!

This song is about hiding one’s feelings over a person that you’re afraid of losing. The song is about a guy trying to fight his feeling over a girl by hiding it, but the feeling is getting much painful in a long run. This song is an over emotional song with its romantic keyboard notes and an over dramatic guitar solo riff. College students of this generation can even relate to this song, especially those students on a stage of being friendzoned(trust me)!



Song: Cool ka lang

Artist: Prettier Than Pink

Album: Prettier Than Pink

They may be a “One Hit Wonder”band from the 90’s but definitely unforgettable. This song is about how taking everything easy on a daily basis. This song is a feel good song to its highest level back in the day. I remember this song as an anthem of aggravated people of the 90’s being stuck in EDSA’s traffic while the song is playing almost  all over the airwaves(FM stations to be exact). You’ll definitely understand what I’m trying to say by listening to these lines…”Buhol-buhol ang traffic, kinat ka pa ng Jeep, Minura pa ng Driver at ulo’y uminit”!




Song: I’ll Never Go

Artist: Nexxus

Album: Pictures In My Mind

Though they made a follow up single called I Keep On Saying back in ‘97, which made a mild noise in some countdown of FM stations in the late ‘90’s, Nexus is still considered as a one hit wonder band due to the overwhelming success of this song. This song bagged ‘Best Pop Recording’ in the 1994 Awit Award.

This song is a mellow pop-rock type of music that captivated the listener’s ears for several months.



Song: Esem

Artist: Yano


This legendary song from Yano is an ultimate anthem of being a dirtbag. 90’s youth is full of unemployment issues that lead to financial emptiness. This song best described the status of being broke while walking inside the mall and not being able to buy a thing but two sticks of cigarette. Unemployed teenagers of this generation can still relate to this song, not to mention the “Jejemons”.



Song: Peksman

Artist: Siakol

Album:Tayo na sa Paraiso

In the Philippines ‘Peksman’ is a traditional way of swearing to someone. In this song, Siakol made it a “suitor’s” way. As an honest suitor, this song defines how the lad should act when courting someone as if doing an impossible stuff like trying to hook the stars in the heavens above. Siakol never failed to provide brilliant lyrics that the younger generation can still relate to.



Song: Buloy

Artist: Parokya Ni Edgar


This song is about friendship and how the other person handles ‘shitty’ situations in life. This song is a playful song about being drunk to surpass personal problems in life. Hearing this song the first time was like oh so groovy and giddy but knowing the real story behind this song made me feel melancholy since Buloy is actually a real person who committed suicide. Buloy is also a personal friend of the band.



Song: Alaala

Artist: True Faith


Hearing this song reminds me of an old 3rd grade elementary days while eating garlic rice with an Ovaltine on the side. The song is somewhat an ear candy for 90’s kids. The song is about questioning why the memory of a person lingers inside one’s mind, though he already tried everything to forget that person. True Faith never failed to provide feel good music ever since.




Song: Paglisan

Artist: Color It Red

Album:Hand-Painted Sky

This song is an ultimate tearjerker and will definitely make you feel melancholy. In the early 90’s, the band bagged an award as Best Performance by a New Group Recording Artists in Awit Awards due to the success of this song. The song later on became an anthem for the dearly departed. The band’s still active today, and vocalist Cookie Chua is also active with her side project band called ‘Tres Marias’ with Bayang Barrios and Lolita Carbon, former vocalist of the legendary band ‘Asin’.



Song: Kaleidoscope World

Artist: Francis M.

Album: Freeman

This legendary song marks the legacy of Francis Michael Durango Magalona or simply known as Francis M. This song is about unity and acceptance of whichever color or race you maybe. Its also brilliant how Francis see the world and society as pretty much like a kaleidoscope. Literally speaking, kaleidoscope is an optical instrument, typically a cylinder with mirrors containing psychedelic, colored objects such as beads or pebbles and bits of glass.



Before we head on to the number 1 spot, here are some “Almost unmentioned, but definitely not out” songs that will still make you feel like you want to go back to the 90’s!





Song: Salamat

Artist: The Dawn

Album: Beyond the Bend

This song is an ultimate friendship song and was co-wrote by the late great Teddy Diaz, the former lead guitarist of The Dawn. Later on this song became the tribute song for Teddy and became a huge hit in the early 90’s. Aside from being a tribute song for Teddy Diaz, should we also please consider this song as a tribute song for the 90’s and how thankful we are for the memories that it brought us.


So there you have it!Pop-rocks of the 90’s will always be as immortal as it is. Sometimes, we just have to look back!

No copyright infringement intended



















Time Machine(A journey to my childhood)


I am Angelo Jose Bello De Sierra, you can also call me Angee, I grew up in Antipolo, City in the province of Rizal. My typographical date of birth is 17th of December and my Mother’s declaration of my date of birth is 7th of December, I am a blogger(aspiring should I say). I am an aspiring Pop-rock vocalist, script writer, movie editor, songwriter, (dreaming of becoming) a tv host.

These aspirations are getting farther and farther as I grow older and I must admit that I am having this fear of not getting either one of these dreams into reality one day. When I was a little child, my first love is sketching. I used to do a lot of doodling(they don’t call it doodling way back) I used to draw a lot of cartoon characters from Disney to Super Saiyan (Dragon Ball Z) characters. I still remember those times when my brothers are playing with their fellow kids outside while I am alone inside my room sketching all day.



I remember my father calling me “Prupesor“(Professor) because I’m always holding a pen and paper back then…



My  hobby of watching too much TV also started because of watching too much Eat Bulaga when I was around 6 to 7 years old(as far as I can remember). I admire TVJ a lot because of how they made my father laugh. I remember my father laughing while saying…”Mga Kalog talaga!”.

I was too young to understand that what TVJ is doing is not only making my father laugh, but also making him relax after a long week of work. I will never ever forget the scene of their movie called Working Boys, the scene where instead of TVJ fixing an old school black and white tv, they broke it instead and pretend to be an actor on tv so that the customer will see that the said appliance is fixed(which is not). I don’t know, I kept comparing the way they deliver comedy before with movies today.



hqdefault (1).jpg

I remember having this cut-out picture of Aiza Seguerra at the back of my 1st grade ID, my classmates were like “Ngek si Aiza ‘yan ah!”.

Yeah, I know it’s silly and awkward, but uh, yeah, just have to accept who you are before!


When I was around 9 to 10 years old, my mother taught me music(not literally playing musical instruments huh!). I was in 3rd grade that time when music hit me, my mother is always listening to an FM radio station which is 93.9 WKC(and yes the jingle is still in my head). While preparing breakfast before I go to school around 6:00 am, I often hear the song “Your love” from Alamid and some other 90’s songs like “Banal na aso, Santong kabayo” from Yano and some dance tracks like “Dying Inside”from Timmy Thomas or “It’s a beautiful life” from Ace of base.

DWKC_93.9_FM_Old_1978I often saw my mother singing in the morning while preparing my lunchbox, I remember one time when she is singing The will of the wind by Jim Photoglo, I kept on staring at her and used to ask her this…

Ma, bakit mo alam ‘yung kanta?!“(with me having wide space in my head) and she answered “Wala, sinasabayan ko lang!“. From that day on I never stop listening to music because I wanna imitate my mother, I wanna be like her, I wanna know all songs as well,like what she is doing.

One day my mother made me understand the secret, my mother’s secret is this thin booklet that she bought once in the market, she called it song-hits(songbook,song magazine which ever you prefer to call it). She told me “Magbasa-basa ka!“, I eventually turn the pages of that “Song-hits”.

I can still remember the first ever song lyrics that I read, and it is the song called Bawal na gamot by Willy Garte.

Though the first song that I’ve learned is Mga Kababayan ko by(the late great) Francis Magalona, my mother taught me to listen to a lot of artists by the help of F.M. stations.

When I was in 5th grade my fundamentals in music grows larger, I remember listening to Backstreet boys for the first time while they sang “you’re the one for me, you’re my ecstasy, you’re the one I need!”…


Get down, which is their first single. I lost a lot of sketching habit being addicted to music that time. I remember myself saving some money to be able to buy BSB’s album(which I wasn’t able to do so)as well as wasting cassette tapes anticipating their songs on the radio and then press the play plus record button on our old school cassette player’s tape deck way back. I can also recall myself pretending to be a disc jock after recording songs on a those mixed up cassette tapes–such a silly thing that I’m doing back then, It makes me almost hit myself remembering the good ol’ days of my childhood.

I was in 1st year high-school when I learned how to right lyrics(song lyrics), I remember the first song that I wrote called Both of us.
The song was influenced by The Backstreetboys(of course) and the melody of the song is almost similar with their song called “Like a child”. I don’t know, I guess it’s just natural with beginners to write a song with a similar melody with another artist’s song. The Boyband frenzy hit me until 3rd year of my high-school a lot of boybands invaded my tape deck way back–98 degrees, ‘Nsync, A1, Westlife, O-town, Plus One, LFO, 5ive, The Moffatts, Boyzone and some other what-nots that I can’t recall anymore.
Nothing to be ashamed of, these artists influenced me how to write songs.


In my 4th year high-school, I gotta confess that this is the rebellious and explicit year of my love for music. I learned to listen to most of Hip-hop music(explicit hip-hop music to be exact). First of all is Eminem, this artist influenced me to rhyme, write rap songs, cuss, diss and most of all, hate and hate and hate!.
I was so addicted to Hip-hop music that time that I almost throw those old Boybands cassette tapes that I have. I used to listen to a lot of hip-hop artist like(of course)Eminem, Dr. Dre, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Outkast, Afroman, Puff Daddy, D12, Ja Rule, Royce da 5″9 and some gold ol’ homie OPM artist like Salbakuta and of course Andrew E. and Francis M.!


Yeah, I admit that I used to write rap songs before but I don’t have them no mo’. I don’t treasure them actually, to be honest. For me it was like the darkest days of my love for music that I don’t want to remember(but I’m still a fan of Eminem though), “a rebel without a cause”.

After graduating from high-school, I got bored. I eventually kept myself busy from looking for a part time job(and it sucks). I met people who plays skateboard, I kept on watching them and since I am still in to Hip-hop that time, I told myself that this skateboarding thing sucks!.
One day while I was watching a local music channel, I saw this announcement that the rock band called P.O.D will be visiting Manila and since one of their member is a Filipino, I got intrigued by it. I tried to anticipate for their songs on the radio and on local music channels. The first time I heard their song called Youth of the nation, I eventually got hooked by it because it’s a rap song(not knowing that the genre is what they called rap-metal). That’s the time that I didn’t stop searching and searching for this kind of music that has rap and rock mix with it. I discovered more of these by listening to Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Paparoach and Rage Against The Machine.


In the summer of 2003, I am a rock music fan already. I got this first pair of my faded black Chuck Taylor shoes from a good ol’ friend of mine from high-school, he gave me this pair of shoes since no one is using it and I gotta say that it is authentic(sadly, I wasn’t able to keep it). 2003 is also the start of the rock music invasion. That’s the year when I first heard the bubble-gum pop-rock music of Avril Lavigne. Gosh, I am so addicted with her music specially her first album Let go!(which I still have the cassette tape copy of it). Avril also influenced me to write Pop-rock songs and also made me feel envious and wanting to buy another pair of Chucks(that I wasn’t able to do so)because of her Sk8er boi video. 2003 is also the year of rock bands. The Calling, Simple Plan, Marjorie Fair, Jets, Evanesence, Our Lady Peace, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Incubus and my all time favorite The All-American Rejects!.


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In 2004, I attended the first-ever rock concert that I’ve been with, which is Pulp Summer Slam IV together with my best of friends Carlo Embodo and Christopher Biago. The atmosphere of first timer is so memorable and nostalgic. I even remember myself dancing inside the mosh-pit and letting it all out. Most of the artists of that said concert are Filipinos, I remember seeing Ely Buendia and the other two members of The Eraserheads which is Buddy Zabala and Raimund Marasigan for the first time on that said concert.

In 2005, OPM Rock Music reigns. Orange and Lemons, Sugarfree, Hale, Cueshé, Mayonnaise, Pupil, Sandwich, Kjwan, Hilera, Barbie’s Cradle, Bamboo, Rivermaya, Kapatid, Slapshock, Typecast, Kamikazee, Parokya Ni Edgar, Join the Club, Pan, Imago(etcetera). These artists also influenced me to form a band.


In 2006, the genré called Emó emerged. There’s Dashboard Confessional, My Chemical Romance, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Taking Back Sunday, The Used, Yellowcard, Story of the year and of course,The All American Rejects(considered as Post pop-rock emó by most music critics). This is also the year when my song writing skills became better and deep.


In 2007, I already have a band which I named High-School Anthem. It was the first name of a band that hit me when I registered for a college gig. I don’t know there’s no specific reason why I called the band High-School Anthem. This year is the “band”(should I say) year for me since I been with several gigs to play with. It was the highest point of me being in love with rock music as well as my own music.


I get so addicted in writing lyrics that time that I am not going out that much.
It was like write, eat and repeat.

My hobby of editing videos started because of my band as well. I got this vision where my band will be recording a song so soon and we’ll also be doing our own music video(DYI). I used to research a lot about the basics of video editing stuff.


I used to start with Windows Movie Maker(which I realized in the end that it sucks since the quality of the video is pixelated once you save it)doing photo slides and a little bit of editing and rearranging clips with the help of that software. I also started to read a lot articles about local independent movies and how they managed to create their own movie the”DYI” way.

Sadly, my band didn’t last that long(don’t really know the reason why we suddenly broke-up). I guess it’s time management that we don’t really know how to handle.


I still continued writing songs and learning video editing and become addicted to it. I learned the basics of using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 which has a lot of effects and stuff that you can do with your video.

Thinking of writing scripts also hit me. I wrote about two scripts already for a short film called The Joots which is about two marijuana addicted slackers that is dying to hide a dead body to avoid being convicted and this other script that I was able to finish but doesn’t have a title yet. I wrote those scripts considering sending an entry to Cinefilipino last 2014(that I wasn’t able to make the cut because of the script’s profanity and explicit contents).


So what else,umm…yeah, right now?
I’m in frustrations, being an ordinary office worker sometimes sucks! but hey, I appreciate it a lot since not all people can work in a corporate world, that makes my living as well(bread and butter, milk and honey should I say).

I am not gonna make it any longer now.
I don’t even know if you guys(if there is)was able to make it in this part of this blog.


I’m still hoping to make it, any of these ambitions will do.

Can you help me?!

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Twitter: @angeedesierra
Thank you for reading!

An Open Letter To Mr. Tyson Ritter

Dear Ty,

I am not a hardcore fan of The All-American Rejects but I am a fan.

What made me wrote this letter is–after watching the AAR video “It ends tonight”.

I know that there are tons of fanmails,emails or what-nots that you guys are receiving everyday so I am hoping that you can read this Ty.


The first time I hear the song Swing,Swing on the radio, to be honest it doesn’t affect me a lot(well I guess I am not in the broken hearted stage that time). I don’t even know what magic you guys have but back in 2002 while I was walking inside the record bar,  I saw a casette tape copy of AAR’s first album–I immediately grabbed and bought it.



I was listening to it at home and got captivated by the song”Your Star”.

Since then AAR specially Tyson Ritter became my biggest influence in writing song.


I remember back in 2006 forming a band called High-School Anthem that has so much influenced by the AAR I also played bass while doing Vocals on that band .

On that particular band I wrote a song called Heart Shaped Silver Ring that most of the people mentioned that it really sounds like AAR, I don’t know why but the melody it self doesn’t even have any similarity to any AAR songs.

Well I guess I must be thinking of becoming Tyson while writing it.

I don’t even know why but everytime I hear the word vocalist, Tyson Ritter is the first person that crossed my head.

Ty, I been dreaming of becoming a famous musician like you are, you’re the best and AAR’s so fine.


Ty, I wonder if you have any plans on visiting the Philippines sooner but if it is possible, well Ty I am hoping that I would be able to take a picture with you and the rest of AAR.

Man you don’t know how much impact you brought to me and my musicality.

Please Ty let me know I been waiting for the moment that AAR will finally perform in Manila.

I need to get a backstage pass, tickets and a dream come true.

Oh gosh Ty, I wanna see AAR live(as part of my bucket list as well).


Please Ty hit me up or reply to this letter online.

-Your Star


This is you: Weird but true (Based on your answers).


There are several questions that you need to answer.

Please remember: The first thing that crossed your mind is the best answer please answer the questions as fast as you can (like a second faster).

At the end of the questions you will find the meaning or definitions of each answers that you have for each questions.

Questions :

Imagine that you are walking alone in a field.
What animal would you like to see?
(Please answer fast)

While you are walking, you saw a big house
what will you do?
(Please answer fast)

Inside the house there is a big mirror, what do you want to see while facing the mirror?.
(Please answer fast)

As you turn your back at the mirror, what do you want to see?
(Please answer fast)

On the table there are two glasses of water, one glass contains overflowing of water and the other contains half, what would you pick?
(Please answer fast)

You are riding a boat across the sea, who do you want to be with?.
(Please answer fast)

While you are riding your boat there is a fireball coming at you, what will you do?
(Please answer fast)


Please scroll down for more.









Your answers definition :

Question 1:
Imagine that you are walking alone in a field.
What animal would you like to see?

The animal that you would pick has a similar attitude as you are.
(e.g dog : they are sweet, lovable and social)
you just have to figure out what characters does the animal you picked that has the same attitude as yours.

Question 2:
While you are walking, you saw a big house
what will you do?

Your answer to this question defines how you handle your life.
Ex .If you answered ” I will enter the house” it means that you are not the type of person that
plans before you act.

Question 3:
Inside the house there is a big mirror, what do you want to see while facing the mirror?.

The answer to this question is the thing that you are most afraid of.

Question 4:
As you turn your back at the mirror, what do you want to see?
The answer to this question is the people or things you can’t live without.

Question 5:
On the table there are two glasses of water, one glass contains overflowing of water and the other contains half, what would you pick?

If you answered a glass contains overflowing of water, it means you are giving up everything when you are in love.

If you answered glass contains half, this means that you are wise when it comes to being in love.

Question 6:
You are riding a boat across the sea, who do you want to be with?.
Your answer will be the person you want to be with your whole life.

Question 7:
While you are riding your boat there is a fireball coming at you, what will you do?
Your answer to this question is the way you handle your trials or problems in life.