Month: April 2014

An Open Letter To Mr. Tyson Ritter

Dear Ty,

I am not a hardcore fan of The All-American Rejects but I am a fan.

What made me wrote this letter is–after watching the AAR video “It ends tonight”.

I know that there are tons of fanmails,emails or what-nots that you guys are receiving everyday so I am hoping that you can read this Ty.


The first time I hear the song Swing,Swing on the radio, to be honest it doesn’t affect me a lot(well I guess I am not in the broken hearted stage that time). I don’t even know what magic you guys have but back in 2002 while I was walking inside the record bar,  I saw a casette tape copy of AAR’s first album–I immediately grabbed and bought it.



I was listening to it at home and got captivated by the song”Your Star”.

Since then AAR specially Tyson Ritter became my biggest influence in writing song.


I remember back in 2006 forming a band called High-School Anthem that has so much influenced by the AAR I also played bass while doing Vocals on that band .

On that particular band I wrote a song called Heart Shaped Silver Ring that most of the people mentioned that it really sounds like AAR, I don’t know why but the melody it self doesn’t even have any similarity to any AAR songs.

Well I guess I must be thinking of becoming Tyson while writing it.

I don’t even know why but everytime I hear the word vocalist, Tyson Ritter is the first person that crossed my head.

Ty, I been dreaming of becoming a famous musician like you are, you’re the best and AAR’s so fine.


Ty, I wonder if you have any plans on visiting the Philippines sooner but if it is possible, well Ty I am hoping that I would be able to take a picture with you and the rest of AAR.

Man you don’t know how much impact you brought to me and my musicality.

Please Ty let me know I been waiting for the moment that AAR will finally perform in Manila.

I need to get a backstage pass, tickets and a dream come true.

Oh gosh Ty, I wanna see AAR live(as part of my bucket list as well).


Please Ty hit me up or reply to this letter online.

-Your Star