An Open Letter To Mr. Tyson Ritter

Dear Ty,

I am not a hardcore fan of The All-American Rejects but I am a fan.

What made me wrote this letter is–after watching the AAR video “It ends tonight”.

I know that there are tons of fanmails,emails or what-nots that you guys are receiving everyday so I am hoping that you can read this Ty.


The first time I hear the song Swing,Swing on the radio, to be honest it doesn’t affect me a lot(well I guess I am not in the broken hearted stage that time). I don’t even know what magic you guys have but back in 2002 while I was walking inside the record bar,  I saw a casette tape copy of AAR’s first album–I immediately grabbed and bought it.



I was listening to it at home and got captivated by the song”Your Star”.

Since then AAR specially Tyson Ritter became my biggest influence in writing song.


I remember back in 2006 forming a band called High-School Anthem that has so much influenced by the AAR I also played bass while doing Vocals on that band .

On that particular band I wrote a song called Heart Shaped Silver Ring that most of the people mentioned that it really sounds like AAR, I don’t know why but the melody it self doesn’t even have any similarity to any AAR songs.

Well I guess I must be thinking of becoming Tyson while writing it.

I don’t even know why but everytime I hear the word vocalist, Tyson Ritter is the first person that crossed my head.

Ty, I been dreaming of becoming a famous musician like you are, you’re the best and AAR’s so fine.


Ty, I wonder if you have any plans on visiting the Philippines sooner but if it is possible, well Ty I am hoping that I would be able to take a picture with you and the rest of AAR.

Man you don’t know how much impact you brought to me and my musicality.

Please Ty let me know I been waiting for the moment that AAR will finally perform in Manila.

I need to get a backstage pass, tickets and a dream come true.

Oh gosh Ty, I wanna see AAR live(as part of my bucket list as well).


Please Ty hit me up or reply to this letter online.

-Your Star



3 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Mr. Tyson Ritter

  1. hey Tyson my name is amy jones im 18 years old 19 this year I love you so much Tyson you are someone I look up to and i respect you plezzzzz reply to me all my love amy

  2. hey tyson my name is amy im 18 years old i have no friends i really would like us to be friends. someone to talk to. i have only got my family i have no friends at all i feel alone i dont want to be on my own anymore plezzzzz read this it would mean the world to me if you did reply all my love amy xxxxxxxxxx ps hope you read this and we could be friends i would really like it you are somone i look up to i respect you very much all my love amy xxxxx

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