The Nostalgic 90’s Pop-Rocks!


One of the biggest debate that I’ve ever read in social media is “ If you were born in the 90’s, are you still considered as a 90’s kid?”. Well this entry(blog) won’t be answering that question, this article will definitely take you in a trip down memory wormhole and will definitely give you a goosebumps(I’m hoping!).

I will be counting down top ten Pinoy ‘Pop-rock’ songs from the nineties that will make you feel like you wanna go back, songs that will make you miss the past, songs that will make you want to see your long lost old friend, songs that will eventually make you feel like you are not you then. This countdown won’t be mentioning ‘The Eraserheads’ though they are from the nineties, I guess what I’m trying to say is that we need to at least explore other artists since we been reading a lot about them(though I’m a fan!). Stay Calm.

Read, Watch and Listen!





Song: Will I Survive

Artist: Introvoys

Album: Line to Heaven

This song is an oh so melodramatic type!

This song is about hiding one’s feelings over a person that you’re afraid of losing. The song is about a guy trying to fight his feeling over a girl by hiding it, but the feeling is getting much painful in a long run. This song is an over emotional song with its romantic keyboard notes and an over dramatic guitar solo riff. College students of this generation can even relate to this song, especially those students on a stage of being friendzoned(trust me)!



Song: Cool ka lang

Artist: Prettier Than Pink

Album: Prettier Than Pink

They may be a “One Hit Wonder”band from the 90’s but definitely unforgettable. This song is about how taking everything easy on a daily basis. This song is a feel good song to its highest level back in the day. I remember this song as an anthem of aggravated people of the 90’s being stuck in EDSA’s traffic while the song is playing almost  all over the airwaves(FM stations to be exact). You’ll definitely understand what I’m trying to say by listening to these lines…”Buhol-buhol ang traffic, kinat ka pa ng Jeep, Minura pa ng Driver at ulo’y uminit”!




Song: I’ll Never Go

Artist: Nexxus

Album: Pictures In My Mind

Though they made a follow up single called I Keep On Saying back in ‘97, which made a mild noise in some countdown of FM stations in the late ‘90’s, Nexus is still considered as a one hit wonder band due to the overwhelming success of this song. This song bagged ‘Best Pop Recording’ in the 1994 Awit Award.

This song is a mellow pop-rock type of music that captivated the listener’s ears for several months.



Song: Esem

Artist: Yano


This legendary song from Yano is an ultimate anthem of being a dirtbag. 90’s youth is full of unemployment issues that lead to financial emptiness. This song best described the status of being broke while walking inside the mall and not being able to buy a thing but two sticks of cigarette. Unemployed teenagers of this generation can still relate to this song, not to mention the “Jejemons”.



Song: Peksman

Artist: Siakol

Album:Tayo na sa Paraiso

In the Philippines ‘Peksman’ is a traditional way of swearing to someone. In this song, Siakol made it a “suitor’s” way. As an honest suitor, this song defines how the lad should act when courting someone as if doing an impossible stuff like trying to hook the stars in the heavens above. Siakol never failed to provide brilliant lyrics that the younger generation can still relate to.



Song: Buloy

Artist: Parokya Ni Edgar


This song is about friendship and how the other person handles ‘shitty’ situations in life. This song is a playful song about being drunk to surpass personal problems in life. Hearing this song the first time was like oh so groovy and giddy but knowing the real story behind this song made me feel melancholy since Buloy is actually a real person who committed suicide. Buloy is also a personal friend of the band.



Song: Alaala

Artist: True Faith


Hearing this song reminds me of an old 3rd grade elementary days while eating garlic rice with an Ovaltine on the side. The song is somewhat an ear candy for 90’s kids. The song is about questioning why the memory of a person lingers inside one’s mind, though he already tried everything to forget that person. True Faith never failed to provide feel good music ever since.




Song: Paglisan

Artist: Color It Red

Album:Hand-Painted Sky

This song is an ultimate tearjerker and will definitely make you feel melancholy. In the early 90’s, the band bagged an award as Best Performance by a New Group Recording Artists in Awit Awards due to the success of this song. The song later on became an anthem for the dearly departed. The band’s still active today, and vocalist Cookie Chua is also active with her side project band called ‘Tres Marias’ with Bayang Barrios and Lolita Carbon, former vocalist of the legendary band ‘Asin’.



Song: Kaleidoscope World

Artist: Francis M.

Album: Freeman

This legendary song marks the legacy of Francis Michael Durango Magalona or simply known as Francis M. This song is about unity and acceptance of whichever color or race you maybe. Its also brilliant how Francis see the world and society as pretty much like a kaleidoscope. Literally speaking, kaleidoscope is an optical instrument, typically a cylinder with mirrors containing psychedelic, colored objects such as beads or pebbles and bits of glass.



Before we head on to the number 1 spot, here are some “Almost unmentioned, but definitely not out” songs that will still make you feel like you want to go back to the 90’s!





Song: Salamat

Artist: The Dawn

Album: Beyond the Bend

This song is an ultimate friendship song and was co-wrote by the late great Teddy Diaz, the former lead guitarist of The Dawn. Later on this song became the tribute song for Teddy and became a huge hit in the early 90’s. Aside from being a tribute song for Teddy Diaz, should we also please consider this song as a tribute song for the 90’s and how thankful we are for the memories that it brought us.


So there you have it!Pop-rocks of the 90’s will always be as immortal as it is. Sometimes, we just have to look back!

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