Monday Mundane

Monday is always a busy day and people is always afraid of reaching this day. If you live in Manila, traffic is everywhere especially in the morning.

Fuckin’ Rush Hour!


Woke up early to avoid being late going to the office, thank god there’s a bus just in time. My shift is at 6:00 AM I was able to make it early at around 5:20 AM, I get up at around 3:42 AM because I am fuckin’ expecting that fuckin’ traffic.

Done with:

Done with the first half of my shift. 

Enjoying lunch break with officemates Ralph and Gelo. Sitting doing nothing we are not talking to each other since we are all busy using smart phones, you know, the usual social media hypnotized our mind again.

See their faces being hypnotized? Hahaha!


Thinking on what to to after this shift since this is my last shift for this week!

Shit why do I have to have a weekday oh so boring rest days?!



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