The Moffatts Farewell Tour and A Trip Down Memory Lane.

My partner texted me last Thursday night(February 16,2017)telling me to buy a ticket for the farewell tour of one my favorite 90’s band, The Moffatts. I am thinking whether to go or not since the band came missing one member which is Dave Moffatt. I thought about it all night since this is really going to be an ultimate trip down memory lane for me since this band is one of the band that I am singing along with all the time way back High-School. The first album of the band called, Chapter One:A New Beginning is also the first ever album I bought out of my savings back then.

Finally, I made up my mind and decided to go to the concert. I hurriedly message my brother through  Facebook Messenger asking if The Moffatts concert tickets are still available.

My brother replied: “Go online, you might still get one since there are limited seats available!”

Since this is my first time buying ticket online for  a “Major Concert”, I am not really familiar on how to do it. I hurriedly message my brother once again asking how to do it, he got hot headed telling me to go to SM malls and find if there are still available tickets. So I surf the net using my cellphone searching, and luckily there’s an available ticketnet in that mall  as per Google.

3 o’clock in the afternoon after my shift ends(February 17,2017). I went to SM mall to ask if there’s still an available ticket for the said concert. Sadly, the attendant told me that they are not selling tickets for that concert but their other branch do, which is far from where I lived. See?! Google is not always a reliable source.

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon of February 18,2017. I am a bit confused of what to do, I am so hopeless of having a ticket for the concert, suddenly, something hit me. I remember my colleague bought a VVIP ticket for the event. If you’re a VVIP ticket holder you need to go early for the sound check session access as well as the meet and greet session, so what I did was send him a message through Facebook Messenger and asked him a favor to please check if there are still tickets available at the event’s venue which is Smart Araneta Coliseum.

My colleague sent me a screen shot of the ticket information with message saying “Yeah, there are still available tickets!”

Luckily, tickets are still available but limited. After my shift, I go straight ahead to the venue to buy a ticket.The venue is already filled with 90’s peeps and fans waiting for the concert to start.

I was able to buy a ticket at the venue but the seat is not what I’ve expected. The ticket that I got is an Upper Box ticket type that is almost next to General Admission which is the farthest from the concert stage(sigh!).

It was 6:00 PM when the concert organizers announced that the gate is open and attendees can now fall in line for inspection. I am excited and nervous at the same time since I am picturing the whole event and what’s gonna happen inside my head.

Now me, being inside the coliseum is like, ah man am I gonna pee first or what?!..

I don’t really want to spoil my excitement so, since it’s too early and people are just starting to get in and fill the venue, I decided to take a selfie with the view of the crowd. Supposedly, I am with my brother but my brother is in the Patron seat which is so far from where I am sitting. His seat is the third row seat next to VIP section.

Since it’s my first time being inside the Smart Araneta Coliseum, I am appreciating the atmosphere of the venue like an ignoramus (hahaha!).

It is past 7 o’ clock and still waiting for the show to start. I’m getting tired of hearing the advertisement of the concert since I am so excited seeing the band hahaha!.

As much as I can remember it was half past eight when the front act country performer enter the stage which I am suspecting as Frank Moffatt(The Moffatt’s father) performing.


The front act guy is really cool and funny but still my mind is screaming for The Moffatts to show up hahaha!

It was around 9 o’clock when the light goes out and people started to scream their lungs out, my heart is pounding and my feet are stomping. Suddenly, 3 guys came across the stage and the crowd goes wild.

Wow! it was The Moffatts.

No introduction, No greetings!

The band came accross the stage and eventually played one of their song from their first album called Crazy.


This song reminds me on how this used to be a heavy rock song for me way back ’98 haha!

They eventually followed the song called I’ll be there their carrier single back in their first album Chapter 1: A New Beginning.

The atmosphere that night is such as cold as ice since the nostalgic trip down memory lane is taking me back to those times when I am still in High-School. It’s all coming back to me like a ghost haunting me. The chill burns me straight to the bone.

I am sorry if I am getting psychedelic about this. I just can’t explain how to share the feeling and how I really felt that night. Woooh!

Here are some highlights from the concert: (Video Credentials from iams queenyb)



The band also performed some of their own songs apart from The Moffatts.


Scott performed his solos and I have noticed that his music became an experimental techno music, but still a good music with a smooth lyrical, poetic genius style of a song. I have also noticed that he is much better creating an experimental music than how he is in doing Pop-Rocks(just sayin’).


Twins Bob and Clint also performed as their other band Endless Summer . If you are not really familiar with their new type of music, it’s called country music. I am not really a fan of country music, but Endless Summer’s blending of voice will make you feel relaxed and yearn for more.

They also made a rendition of the famous 90’s song called When you say nothing at all.


Well all I can say about that is, gosh! I appreciate that song much better now because of Endless Summer. Wooh!

Clint and Bob’s  blending of voice is oh! so mesmerizing as they also performed their old band Same, Same’s  hit called Love Isn’t.


As the band perform more of their earlier hits things from the past began to hit me. I was half-teary eyed remembering the good old days of my childhood or should I say my “Teenage” year. I remember some of those good old friends of mine wayback high-school whom I am singing with while holding pages of song magazine which has The Moffatts as the cover and feature of the magazine.

I remember me and my brothers listening all day long to Chapter 1:A new beginning, The first album. My and my brothers used to sleep late watching the late coverage of the band’s first Manila Concert being shown on some local TV station. While I was sitting, watching the entire concert that night, I can’t help myself from reminiscing a lot(gosh!), music really is a time machine.

The reminiscing part only stopped every time the band needs to stop to set up their instruments but still, the chill endures waiting and anticipation.

Now, here’s the performance that really got me teary…

The Moffatts once again played one of their earlier hits which is the song called Girl of My Dreams which I can tell that this is really an ultimate trip down memory lane song. The part of the song saying “Baby, let’s go back in time” … made me chill with sadness of missing my past. That song part itself describes how I felt that night while watching and hearing The Moffatts performed their earlier hits.

I really have to say, it’s okay being on the farthest part of the concert’s venue rather than not watching them at all!

Thank you so much Scott, Clint and Bob for making a big throwback that night.

It made think that, sometimes when life gets hard on you, all you need is a good music from your past to keep you moving and to remind you that hey! this isn’t you, you used to be a happy person with a happy and giddy-POP attitude.

Thank you so much The Moffatts!


The band performed I miss you like crazy as their exit song that night and they never fail to thank people by waving goodbye and sending some kisses all over.

People yelled, “More!” as the band goes down the stage, but I guess that’s a wrap for that night…

After the show, I grabbed my cellphone to make a status out on Facebook to express the emotional hypnotism that the concert brought me.

I was about to type something to my phone when a message hit me. The message is from my colleague Marky saying, would you like to have a poster with their authograph?.

I was like “yeah, of course!”. I’m happy that at least I was able to have that signed poster as a consolation of me not being able to buy a  VVIP or VIP ticket(unlike Marky).
What a wonderful concert!

Just like what other fans might think, I am hoping that there will be a repeat of this concert with Dave Moffatt. (Ehem!)


-Angee De Sierra








7 thoughts on “The Moffatts Farewell Tour and A Trip Down Memory Lane.

  1. Nice article.. I feel you.. Fans misses the guys so much.. Were so lucky they visited our country & do the unforgettable concert. It was so crazy to meet them.

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